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Getting Started

With Clear Perspectives

Our Process is Designed to…


Answer your most pressing questions with no obligation.


Help you see the path forward more clearly.


Provide genuine advice — we’re not here to sell you a product

How It Works

Step 1: Have a Phone Call

In an initial call with you and your spouse, you'll share with us what you're looking for, we'll offer some actionable advice and describe what to expect from a relationship with us. We'll decide together if it's a good fit to move forward.

Step 2: Address Your Questions

In this 1-hour phone call with you and your spouse, we’ll talk through the biggest questions you have about your financial life, addressing anything from how you can save for your children’s college to how you’ll be able to receive a paycheck during retirement.

Step 3: Reflect On It

After our meeting, we’ll follow-up with actionable recommendations you can take to close gaps towards your financial goals. At this point, we invite you to take all the time you need to decide if you want to start a relationship with us.

Step 4: Implement Your Strategy

If you choose to join us, we’ll schedule anywhere from 3-6 meetings in the first year to go through various aspects of your financial life. Breaking it down in a step-by-step manner makes it more manageable and seamless to implement changes.

Step 5: Meet Regularly

Once we’ve established tactics for the areas of your finances that need addressing, we’ll have 1-2 meetings a year to check in about your progress and make any necessary updates. We are also here at any time to answer questions you may have or talk through important decisions you need to make.

Take the First Step

We always emphasize that there is never pressure to work together and instead offer you the ability to experience working with us before you make a choice. The first step to see how we can help is to schedule a quick call with our team.

Schedule Your Call