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Fraud follows headlines

Staying on top of the news has an unintended effect: It makes you susceptible to a phone call, email, or text from a scammer. They create fake charities and services and reach out to you to get your money. 

  • Friends in Florida? A pitch to donate to a hurricane relief fund (before vetting that it’s a real charity) may feel like a good way to help.
  • Do you have student debt? An offer to get your loans forgiven faster (for a fee) may strike you as a fair deal.

These offers play on your emotions and desire to act, lowering your normally skeptical response to being sold a bill of goods. 

Remember the most important words for almost any situation: “I’ll think about that.” You can politely end the call or close the email. Take a breath. Google the company name to see if they’re legitimate or if people are complaining about them. The right course of action will become clear, and you'll always be able to reconnect with a legitimate opportunity.