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Downloadable 2021 tax card

Click on this link for a handy, printable tax card with all of the tax deadlines, income limits, tax credits and federal tax rates for 2021. Download it for free for yourself, and share it with your family and friends.

This two-sided card can be printed for your home or office and is an easy reference for the federal tax brackets for all filers (single, married filing jointly, head of household, married filing separately and estates and trusts). It also includes 2021 numbers for deductions, education credits, the child tax credit, and Health Savings Accounts or HSAs. Retirees or seniors will even find a useful table of Medicare premium income thresholds for IRMAA and how to calculate your taxable Social Security or Required Minimum Distributions. Whatever your age or phase of life, there is something helpful on this one easy card.

Click here to download your 2021 tax card with key financial data.