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4 tips for the best chance at a successful flight

How bad is it right now to plan a flight amid delays and cancellations? Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg recently warned U.S. carriers he would be watching their performance carefully as the summer travel season heated up. The next day his own flight was canceled.

Here are a few things you can do when planning that may push the odds in your favor:

•    Avoid booking the last flight of the day. Give yourself the wiggle room of catching a later flight should something unexpected happen.

•    Think twice before avoiding hubs. Yes, hubs will suffer more delays simply because of their volume. However, they will also offer more options for rebooking.

•    Stick with the big dogs. We all love a good deal (duh, we’re financial advisors), but the budget airlines are leading the pack in cancellations and poor service this year. Only Delta, United, Alaska and Hawaiian Airlines surpassed 80% of their flights arriving on time this past spring. JetBlue, Frontier and Allegiant ranked worst.

•    Don’t travel (on busy weekends)! If you can’t beat them, don’t join them. If your air trip has flexibility, avoid busy holiday weekends or even weekend flights in general.