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We Work with Self-Made Individuals

Who Are Looking to Organize Their Finances

Our Clients Have Been Working & Saving Their Whole Lives

And they want to have a clear plan to best manage their hard-earned money. Given the comprehensive nature of our approach, we’ve found that we provide the most value to those who have accumulated at least $500,000.

Sound Like You?

P&G Employees

As former Procter & Gamble employees ourselves, our goal is to help you maximize your benefits now and when you leave your corporate career. We analyze your stock options, pension possibilities and other benefits to help you get the most out of your years of work.

Proctor & Gamble headquarters

General Electric Employees

Should you take a lump sum for the Voluntary Pension Account (VPA) or take it as a lifetime stream of payments? Does it make sense for you to build Roth balance in your GE RSP? These are the kind of questions we will answer as we evaluate your GE pension options and insurance benefits upon retirement.

Socially Minded Investors

If you are interested in socially responsible investing (SRI) or considering the environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts of your investments, we can help. Our team is experienced in recommending diversified funds that screen for your ethical priorities to help align your portfolio with your values.

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Women-Led Households

Serving the financial needs of women is built into our business. We have equal representation of men and women among our advisors and are proud to serve both female couples and independent women. We cultivate a supportive, listening-centered environment — empowering you with the knowledge and tools to help you succeed.

Those Looking to Reduce Their Taxes

Almost everyone has opportunities to reduce their taxes that they may not be aware of. We believe that every dollar counts and are committed to helping you keep more of what you make by bringing these opportunities to life.

Tax documents

Helping You Finance Your Values and Ambitions

If it sounds like we’d be a good fit, we invite you to reach out to start a conversation with our team to see how we can help.

Reach Out to Talk